May 2008:
Master John Nottingham has appeared in the May 2008 edition of TKD Times in an inspirational and educational article about his lifelong experiences dealing with and overcoming asthma. Be sure to check out the article by clicking on the link below.

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John D. Nottingham is a testament to the potential that lies within all of us. Throughout the years, his dedication and perseverance in following his passions have allowed him to gain a vast amount of knowledge and experience. He has endured harsh Special Forces military training and many years of grueling martial arts instruction under the guidance of some of the most qualified and well-known trainers and masters in the country, as well as having trained and traveled extensively overseas. His goals were simple: to build his base of expertise, to follow his dreams, and to become proud of his accomplishments.

With such a flair for living and personal achievement, he has managed to instruct and inspire thousands to achieve their own personal best, not just in martial arts, but in all aspects of their life. With a sincere dedication to trying to make the world a better place, his tireless support of charities and community involvement speaks volumes about his personal character.

So what is there to learn from an individual like Master John Nottingham? His unique background means that just about everyone can learn something: if you have a keen interest in the martial arts, he has been training for nearly 20 years, has studied over 20 styles, is a 6th Dan black belt in Taekwondo, and runs a chain of martial arts schools where he teaches this accumulated expertise in the form of the USA Martial Arts style; if you have an interest in self-defense and personal protection, he has studied extensively and holds certifications for teaching executive protection and risk assessment programs from the highest-level and most widely-recognized institutions and programs in the world; if you are striving for personal growth, he has a lifetime worth of unique experiences to help build perseverance, dedication, leadership, and personal character.

It is qualities like this which led to Master Nottingham being awarded the International Martial Arts Hall of Fame "Master of the Year" award in 2005, a well-deserved honor bestowed upon him by his professional martial artist peers.

If you would like to find out more about Master Nottingham's experience and qualifications, please continue reading more on the About page.

Putting Master Nottingham to Work for You

"John, You will be the best Master in the Taekwondo world."

-Grandmaster Y.K. Kim, Senior editor of Taekwondo Times

You may have trained martial arts before, but how many styles were you training at the same time? Chances are it was just one. Each style of martial arts has its strengths and weaknesses, and each style of martial arts suits an individual in varying ways. If you have only been training one martial art at a time, it's time to start training under the guidance of someone who has studied almost every martial art there is— from training under a Korean Taekwondo master and reaching the standing of 6th Degree Black Belt, being a fully-certified teacher for Jeet Kune Do, Filipino martial arts, Frank Shamrock submission fighting, and boxing, as well as training in Aikido, Kung Fu, Wushu, Hwarang Do, Hapkido, Ninjutsu, Krav Maga, Jiujutsu, and developing tactical hand-to-hand self defense programs for military special forces.

Master Nottingham has several valuable offerings which should be of interest to anybody who is looking to improve their skills to the fullest potential. He has compiled his many years and broad knowledge into programs designed specifically for you to learn the most essential and effective techniques, targeted to YOUR requirements. If you are looking to increase your skills in a number of areas, a combination of the offerings will ensure that you will have developed a broad skill set capable of dealing with any situation, whether it is applying the real and practical self defense skills in a confrontation, or applying the theories and lessons of martial arts to your everyday life or business.

Multiple-Style Martial Arts Training

Different people are interested in martial arts for different reasons. Some do it to get in shape, some to develop skills to protect themselves in a confrontation, some to develop confidence, others simply because they have held a long-time fascination with it. Whatever the reason, the USA Martial Arts system as developed by Master Nottingham and taught at the USA Martial Arts chain of schools has something to offer everybody.

From programs designed for character development in children, to black belt programs to take you to a level of expertise, and masters' programs to take you to the steps beyond, there are programs to match everyone's needs. Designed with uncompromising standards, the entire experience of the school is a thoroughly positive experience.

If you are interested in highly effective private or semi-private training sessions with Master Nottingham himself, these are also available.

For more information on the USA Martial Arts programs and offerings, please see the USA Martial Arts website.

Highly Realistic, Highly Effective Self Defense

It's something that a lot of us don't like to think about, but given the increasing rates of physical crimes such as assault or robbery, statistics tell us that any one of us has a reasonable chance of being attacked or otherwise being a victim of a physical attack at some point during our lives. It is in the best interest to be prepared to deal with such a situation to help protect yourself, your family, and your friends— whoever happens to be with you at the time.

While an extensive amount of regular martial arts training will build this necessary level of preparation, those seeking a more direct route to purely practical self-defense may find it in the specialty seminars Master Nottingham offers.

From general awareness about threats, how to avoid putting yourself in dangerous situations, and of course dealing with a physical attack, the programs cover all aspects of what you'll need to know to prepare you for a real world situation. With high-intensity, realistic scenarios and extensive fear management techniques standard as part of the training, you can leave knowing you'll have the confidence and experience to keep in control and thinking clearly if the need arises.

For more information on the specific skills and seminars that are taught on this topic, please see the Seminars Page.

Risk Assessment and Management

Professionals, celebrities, and other high-risk individuals deal with an increased threat of violence on a daily basis. While a bodyguard is a popular (if costly and sometimes bothersome) option, this is simply not an option for a large number of people.

But what is just as good as having your own personal bodyguard? How about training with somebody who holds the same qualifications as the most sought-after bodyguards in the business? You can indeed become your own bodyguard, without the years of training normally associated it.

Master Nottingham has trained and graduated in several of the most advanced and well-respected programs in the personal protection business, including:

  • Graduate of Gavin de Becker & Associates Advanced Threat Assessment and Management
  • Graduate Academy for Protectors
  • Graduate of BTI Bodyguard Training International
  • ASIS Security Executive Protection Certified by Robert Oatman

In addition, Master Nottingham is the founder of NTS — a personal safety, tactical and security training company. Through NTS, Master Nottingham is able to offer all the benefits of attending all of these high-profile schools, in a fraction of the time, and tailored to suit exactly your needs. In addition to offering individual training and services, Master Nottingham also offers personal security-related seminars in various cities.

For more information on these seminar offerings please visit the Seminars page, or if you are interested in private training, visit the Contact page to contact Master Nottingham directly.